Thursday, 3 March 2016

Why Oscar Wilde

The English department at IES Andalán is paying a tribute to Oscar Wilde during this school year, 2015-2016. Our intention is to bring this writer near our students, and give them the chance of getting to know his work and his personality. It will be like having him walking up and down the corridors of our school, while he shares his words and thoughts with us.

A huge picture of Oscar Wilde greets us all every morning, as we have put up a poster in the hall together with covers of some of his books and a few of his witty quotes. The work has been created by our students, especially those in the third year of ESO, who have shown great enthusiasm in contributing posters, drawings, bookmarks of their creation, ideas and effort.

This year all our students are going to read one of his books adapted to their level, and a number of activities will be carried out inside and outside the classroom.

A lot of the teachers from different departments are contributing to help us know Oscar Wilde in depth with talks and writings which will give us more details about the writer and the man, his time and social context as well as his thought.

Why have we chosen Oscar Wilde?

We have to consider the context, a high school, and the age of our students, mostly teenagers. Wilde wrote mainly in English and he was a prominent figure of his time. He was highly admired but his personal life caused him to fall into disgrace. However, today he is generally considered one of the best English writers of all times.

His work is varied and offers us the possibility of selecting books for all the levels and preferences of our students. Wilde wrote plays full of humour, a wonderful novel, poetry, short stories for children, and his famous quotes offer us morsels of his thought and invite us to create posters, bookmarks, videos, etc.

But most important of all, Oscar Wilde stands out as a fascinating personality and creator. A classic tragic figure.

The purpose of this blog is to share our work with whomever admires Oscar Wilde. Some of the entries will be in English, others in Spanish so that everyone in our school can participate.

We all had fun creating it. We hope others can enjoy it, too.